Tree Owner Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get SETP to come harvest my tree?

  • First, register your tree with us. Once your tree is registered, please contact us at least two weeks before you expect the produce to ripen. This allows us time to schedule volunteers.

How does SETP determine what trees get harvested?

  • We prioritize based on quality and quantity of trees. Contacting us 2 weeks before your tree is ready to be picked also increases the chance that we can schedule volunteers to harvest.

My tree is ready to be picked now! What do I do?

  • We encourage you to contact us! We might be able to help you harvest your tree even when it's not on the priority list. Registering your tree will also increase your chance for the next harvest season. 

Will you harvest from my tree if it has pests?

  • Generally, our distribution partners are unable to accept produce with pest issues. We prioritize trees with produce that is free of pests. For pest prevention resources, contact a local pest prevention specialist or the Master Gardeners Plant Clinic & Resource Center.

I only have one edible tree. Should I still register?

SETP can't make it to my tree what should I do?

  • We apologize if we can't make it to your property to harvest, but you can still help out! If you harvest your tree, we might be able to provide boxes and collect the produce, or you can donate it to one of our partners such as 2nd Harvest.  We also encourage you to register your tree for next harvest season.

Do you take produce that doesn't grow on trees?

  • We prioritize fruit and nut trees, but sometimes we can accept other fruits or vegetables. Contact us for more information.